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Implementation of PFLD A Practical Facial Landmark Detector by pytorch.

install requirements

pip3 install -r requirements.txt


  • WFLW Dataset Download

Wider Facial Landmarks in-the-wild (WFLW) is a new proposed face dataset. It contains 10000 faces (7500 for training and 2500 for testing) with 98 fully manual annotated landmarks.

  1. WFLW Training and Testing images [Google Drive] [Baidu Drive]
  2. WFLW Face Annotations
  3. Unzip above two packages and put them on
  4. move
$ cd data 
$ python3

training & testing

training :

$ python3

use tensorboard, open a new terminal ~~~ $ tensorboard --logdir=./checkpoint/tensorboard/ ~~~ testing:

$ python3


pytorch -> onnx -> ncnn

Pytorch -> onnx


onnx -> ncnn

how to build :

cd ncnn/build/tools/onnx
./onnx2ncnn pfld-sim.onnx pfld-sim.param pfld-sim.bin

Now you can use pfld-sim.param and pfld-sim.bin in ncnn:

ncnn::Net pfld;

cv::Mat img = cv::imread(imagepath, 1); ncnn::Mat in = ncnn::Mat::from_pixels_resize(, ncnn::Mat::PIXEL_BGR, img.cols, img.rows, 112, 112); const float norm_vals[3] = {1/255.f, 1/255.f, 1/255.f}; in.substract_mean_normalize(0, norm_vals);

ncnn::Extractor ex = pfld.create_extractor(); ex.input("input_1", in); ncnn::Mat out; ex.extract("415", out);


PFLD: A Practical Facial Landmark Detector

Tensorflow Implementation:


  • [x] Train on CPU and GPU

  • [x] ncnn inference

  • [ ] retrain on datasets AFLW and 300W

  • [ ] fix bugs

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