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A list of awesome PokemonGO frameworks, libraries, software, resources and links.

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Awesome PokemonGO license Awesome

A list of awesome PokemonGO frameworks, libraries, software, resources and links. Inspired by awesome-php. Please take a moment to read over the contribution guidelines before submitting new additions.

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Table of Contents

Official Links

Official links in relation to PokemonGO.

Official Hardware

  • Pokemon Go Plus - A small bluetooth device to alert you of nearby Pokemon.

Official Software

Official Applications

Unofficial Links

Unofficial links in relation to PokemonGO - use at your discretion as many of these go against Niantic's ToS.






  • PokeDates - The first-ever PokemonGO dating service.
  • PokemonGoDev - Sub-reddit for unofficial PokemonGO developers.
  • RazerGo - Localized PokemonGO chat.
  • Stardust Run - Share a customizable public PokemonGO profile.
  • TheSilphRoad - Sub-reddit for TheSilphRoad community, an in-person network of PokemonGO enthusiasts.


Unofficial Hardware

  • Go-Tcha - Datel Go-Tcha LED-Touch-Wristband for Pokémon Go (Alternative for Go Plus)

Unofficial Software


  • Pokemap - A native Android client to map the Pokemon around you.
  • PokeSweep - Android Compass & Notifications companion app for PokemonGO.
  • PokiiMap - Another PokemonGO Android app for sanning pokemons at any locations.
  • GoTracker - An iOS app with a live map from multiple sources.
  • iPokeGO - A native iOS client to map the Pokemon around you. (Last Updated: Nov 1 2016)
  • Poke-Radar - An iOS Poke-Radar app.
Windows Phone
  • PoGo-UWP - Unofficial Windows 10 (both Mobile and PC) client.
  • PoGo - UWP Client for Pokemon Go.



Development Resources


  • node-pokemap - A node.js port of PokemonGO-Map.
  • PokeData - Scrapes data of actual sightings of Pokemon in order to create machine learning.
  • PokemonGo-DesktopMap - Electron App around PokemonGo-Map
  • PokemonGo-Map - Live visualization of all the pokemon in your area!
  • spawnScan - Mapper of all spawn points in an area. (Unmaintained, Project merged into PokemonGo-Map)
Reverse Engineering

Game Resources

Server Emulators


  • iOS GPS Spoofer - [CODE] Spoofs gps locations on iOS devices.
  • pgsc - [CODE] PokemonGO statistics collector with image recognition from PG screenshots.
  • po-server-goodies - [CODE] Pokemon Online Server scripts.js and tiers.xml
  • pogointel - An initiative to pool all the community data that is available for Pokemon GO and export as APIs.
  • Pokeinventory - [CODE] A tool for mass transfer, management of evolution/candies.
  • Pokemanager - [CODE] python bot which enables managing and transfering of Pokemon.
  • Pokemon No Go - [CODE] Play PokemonGO on a PC.
  • PokemonGo-TSP - [CODE] PokemonGo-TSP - [CODE] Solving travelling salesman problem with Simulated Annealing. (Caution: Chinese Repo)
  • PokeStatus - [CODE] Advanced, premium, pokemon go server status script.

API Libraries

Protocol Buffers
  • pgoapi-go – PokemonGO API tools written in Golang.
  • pokemon - A PokemonGO API library for Haskell. (Caution: Last Update: Aug 28 2016)
  • pogobuf - A PokemonGO Client Library for node.js.
  • poke-api - Ruby port of pgoapi. (Caution: Last Update: Aug 21 2016)
  • pgoapi-swift - A PokemonGO API library for Swift.
  • pgoapi - A PokemonGO API written in Swift.
  • PokemonGo-api-cpp - A PokemonGO API library for C++. (Caution: Last Update: Aug 23 2016)


  • node-pokemon-go-api - The unofficial Pokemon Go API (while it lasts).
  • pkmngo-proto - Pokemon GO Protocol Wrapper.
  • pogolib - A PokemonGO client library written in ES6. (REPO DELETED)
  • pokemongoapi - NodeJS API that wraps Mila432/PokemonGoAPI.
  • PokemonGoSwiftAPI - Swift (iOS app) port for the Pokemon GO API.
  • PokemonGoTracker - A Swift project developed for consumers to track spotted Pokemon.
  • PokeForums - PokemonGO Forums, Wiki, Tutorials, Guides and Semi-Social Network. (Last Updated post: August.)
  • Pokeball Battery Pack - Hand-made Pokeball-themed battery pack. (Dead link.)
  • gonav - PokemonGO Radar for Android L+. (Last Updated: Aug 16 2016)
  • PokemonGoGo - Upper layer control app for location spoofing. (Last Updated: Sept 23 2016)
  • nodepocket - PokemonGO Client on PC. (Last Updated: Aug 18 2016)
  • Pokemon-Go-Ban-Check - PokemonGO account ban checker. (Last Updated: Aug 22 2016)
  • pokemon-go-desktop - Desktop app for utilizing PokemonGO. (Last Updated: Aug 17 2016)
  • Poketron - An Electron application that surfaces PokemonGO inventory data in a simple manner. (Last Updated: Sept 6 2016)
  • PoGoApiAppleWatchExample - Catch Pokemon from your Apple Watch. (Last Updated: Aug 24 2016)
  • PoGoTool - iOS App for PokemonGO with tools. (Last Updated: Aug 24 2016)
  • Pokemap Live iOS - An iOS application with a live pokemon map. (Last Updated: Aug 17 2016)
  • PokemonGoPokedex - A nice app using public API's and JSON, showcasing the Pokemon available in the first version of PokemonGO. (Last Updated: Aug 24 2016)
  • Pokecrew - Find, report, and share local Pokemon sightings. (Deadlink as of Dec 1 2016)
  • pokegoworld - A crowd-sourced, self-cleaning worldwide map of Pokemon, PokeStops, and Gyms for PokemonGO. (Deadlink as of Dec 1 2016)
  • PokeMapper - The world-wide PokemonGO map. (Last "Spotted": July 31 2016)
  • Pokemark - Map of Pokemon, Gyms and Pokestops. (Deadlink as of Dec 1 2016)
  • Pokemon Go Realtime - Discover nearby pokemon in realtime. (Deadlink as of Dec 1 2016)
  • Pokénest Static - Map to locate nests of various Pokemon. (Data not updated as of Dec 1 2016)
  • Pokerev - Gym, pokestops and Pokemon. (Deadlink as of Dec 1 2016)
  • Pokevision - Real-Time PokemonGO Map. (Dead project as of Dec 1 2016)
  • Skiplagged - Live Pokemon on a map. (Dead project)
  • Poke-rank - Share your pokedex and your stats to your friends. (Last "Sign Date": Sept 13 2016)
  • Pokemon-Go-Controller - Play PokemonGO safely or at unavailable area. (Last Updated: July 13 2016)
  • PokemonMapWalker - Cocoa app to play PokemonGO by moving on map manually. (Last Updated: Aug 25 2016)
  • cljpokego - Clojure webserver/API for pulling and mapping PokemonGO information. (Last Updated: Aug 4 2016)
  • PGO-mapscan-opt - An efficient Pokemon scanning tool. (Discontinued)
  • pkmngo-map - PokemonGO mapping tool in python. (Last Updated: July 26 2016)
  • pokego-scan-api - Lighweight Scan API for Pokemon Go. (Last Updated: Aug 7 2016)
  • PokeLocator - Display pokemon nearby to your location on a map. (Last Updated: July 22 2016)
  • pokelyzer - A data model for doing geospatial analysis and analytics on PokemonGO Map data. (Last Updated: Aug 10 2016)
  • PokeMap-2 - Project to create a world-wide interactive map that predicts pokemon spawn locations. (Last Updated: Oct 8 2016)
  • pokeminer - Python tool to collect PokemonGO locations in a wide area. (Last Updated: Oct 1 2016)
  • PokemonGoMap - Map for Pokemon Go which scans and reveals Pokestops and Pokemon in an area. (Last Updated: Aug 17 2016)
  • Pokespotter - Find pokemon through the Pokemon Go API using Node.js (Last Updated: Aug 11 2016)
  • spawnTracker - Efficient mapper using spawn points and times. (Last Updated: Aug 9 2016)
  • Nearby Pokemon Notifier - PHP CLI PokemonGO Notifier (Last Updated: Aug 24 2016)
  • PokeAlerts - PHP app that tells you Pokemon locations. (Last Updated: Aug 21 2016)
  • Pokemon Go Map For Telegram - Live visualization of Pokemon in an area using Telegram bot. (Last Updated: Aug 17 2016)
  • Pokemon Go Notification System - A fork of the PokemonGo-Map repository, allowing users to search for specific Pokemon. (Last Updated: July 26 2016)
  • Pokemon Go Tweets - Watches geolocated tweets and replies with information on surrounding Pokemon's whereabouts. (Last Updated: July 31 2016)
  • pogo-optimizer - [CODE] MITM data analysis utility for PokemonGO. (Discontinued)
  • PokemonGoDumper - [CODE] Jumboperson's PokemonGO data dumper (Better version in the list)
  • pokeserver - PokeServer is a PokemonGO server implementation, written in Golang. (Deadlink)
  • Pokemon Go Plus - [CODE] An ambitious project aiming to enhance several features of PokemonGO. (Last Updated: July 30 2016)
  • POGOProtos - A PogoDev maintained central repository for all protobuf files of PokemonGO. (Unmaintained, use AeonLucid's.)
  • golang-pogo - Another Golang Pokemon API. (Last Updated: Aug 1 2016)
  • pokemon-golang - A Golang implementation of Pokemon-Go's API. (Last Updated: Aug 1 2016)
  • Armax's Pokemon-GO-node-api - PokemonGO api node.js library. (Last Updated: Sept 25 2016)
  • d-pollard's Pokemon-GO-node-api - PokemonGO Node API library. (Last Updated: Aug 8 2016)
  • pogoapi-php - API for Pokemon Go. (Last Updated: Sept 1 2016)
  • pogoapiphp - PokemonGO PHP API, translation of RocketAPI. (Last Updated: Aug 16 2016)
  • pokapi - Pokemon API PHP. Not finished at all so far. Supports request signing. (Last Updated: Aug 30 2016)
  • PokeGOAPI-PHP - Pokemon GO PHP API library. (Last Updated: Aug 3 2016)
  • pokemongo-php - A PHP module that makes it easy to communicate with the PokemonGO API. (Dead project)
  • PokemonGoAPI - PokemonGO API in Python. (Repo is empty)


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