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PL/Proxy is a PostgreSQL procedural language (PL) handler that allows to do remote procedure calls between PostgreSQL databases, with optional sharding.


Language has four statements:

  • Pick remote database:
    • CLUSTER 
      - use pre-configured cluster that has many databases
    • CONNECT 
      - use connstr directly
  • Set execution type:
    • RUN ON ALL
      - query is run on all databases in parallel
    • RUN ON ANY
      - pick server randomly
    • RUN ON 
      - map hash to database
  • Replace default query:
    • SELECT ...


CREATE FUNCTION get_user_settings(i_username text) RETURNS SETOF user_settings AS $$
    RUN ON namehash(i_username):
$$ LANGUAGE plproxy;

It will run function with same name in remote database and fetch



For installation there must be PostgreSQL dev environment installed and

in the PATH. Then just run:
$ make
$ make install

To run regression tests:

$ make installcheck

Location to

can be set via
$ make PG_CONFIG=/path/to/pg_config
$ make install PG_CONFIG=/path/to/pg_config
$ make installcheck PG_CONFIG=/path/to/pg_config

Note: Encoding regression test fails if the Postgres instance is not created with C locale. It can be considered expected failure then.

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