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nivo provides a rich set of dataviz components, built on top of the awesome d3 and Reactjs libraries

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nivo provides supercharged React components to easily build dataviz apps, it's built on top of d3.

Several libraries already exist for React d3 integration, but just a few provide server side rendering ability and fully declarative charts.


In order to use nivo, you just have to pick the scoped


packages according to the charts you wish to use.

yarn add @nivo/bar @nivo/sankey ...



Join the nivo discord community.

Packages & components

nivo is comprised of several packages/components, for a full list, please use the components explorer.


Components available through the HTTP rendering API.



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  • nivo - nivo packages, website, storybook and examples
  • nivo-api - the nivo http api
  • nivo-api-docker - a Docker image for the nivo http api


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