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Issue tracker for Plotly's open-source documentation.

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Plotly Documentation

This repository is now solely used to host issues related to Plotly's documentation and the output of the Graphing Library documentation build process in the


Source code for the documentation of Plotly's open-source products can be found in the following repositories:

| Library Docs | Library Repo | Docs Repo | Notes | | ------------- | ------------- | ------------- | ------------- | | Dash | plotly/dash | plotly/dash-docs | Docs delivered as a Dash app | | Dash for R | plotly/dashr | plotly/dash-docs | Docs delivered as a Dash for R app | | | plotly/ | plotly/ | Docs written in Jupyter Notebooks with Jupytext | | Plotly.R | ropensci/plotly | plotly/plotly.r-docs | Docs written in RMarkdown | | Plotly.js | plotly/plotly.js | plotly/graphing-library-docs | Docs written in Javascript and bundled with Jekyll |

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