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A User Interface for DETR built with Dash. 100% Python.

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Dash DETR Detection App

A User Interface for DETR built with Dash. 100% Python. Click here for a demo.

The release of DETR: End-to-End Object Detection with Transformers showed significant improvement in real-time object detection and panoptic segmentation (PS), while greatly simplifying the architecture. As a mean to test the model, we decided to build a simple Dash app that let you experiment and play with the model through a user interface.



  • The code is open-source and ready to be forked.
  • Everything is in pure Python - not a single line of HTML, CSS, or JavaScript required.
  • The app was written 200 lines of code (in addition to modelling), and only took a few hours.
  • From development to production in minutes with Dash Kubernetes - no need to spend hours figuring out deployment.


  1. Clone this repo:

    git clone
    cd dash-detr
  2. Create a fresh venv (with

    ) and activate it:
    conda create -n dash-detr python=3.7
    conda activate dash-detr
  3. Install the requirements:

    pip install -r requirements.txt
  4. Start the app:

  5. Try the app at


Modifying or extending the app

To make it easy for you to extend the app by adding a custom model, we placed everything related to PyTorch and modeling in
, so you can add your own models without modifying the app. If you want to customize the layout or create new interactions, you can edit
(if you are not familiar with Dash, read the tutorials first.)

Productionizing Object Detection?

If you are interested in deploy apps like this one for production, check out our article on productionizing object detection models with Dash Enterprise, or reach out to us.

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