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Remap your Macbook's power key to Forward Delete

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MacBook keyboard with power key

Remap your Power key

PowerKey remaps your Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air's Power key.

Remapping the Power key to Forward Delete ⌦ is the most popular replacement.

PowerKey can also be used to run a Script or Apple Script each time you tap the Power Key.

Forward Delete for Mac OS X

The Forward Delete key is extremely convenient when writing or coding, and you're probably already used to tapping it frequently on keyboards other than your MacBook's.

Use PowerKey to restore useful functionality to your Macbook's keyboard!

Purchase and Download

The release version of
can be purchased via Gumroad.

The release version of PowerKey is signed with our DeveloperID, making it easier to run by default on Mac OS X. Purchasing the code-signed release version of PowerKey will allow you to run the app without modifying your Mac's Gatekeeper security settings.

Purchasing PowerKey also supports continued development of the app!

PowerKey can also be installed by cloning this repo and building the app via Xcode.

PowerKey app on desktop

Does not prevent Shut Down!

Your computer will still sleep or shut down if you hold the Power key.

Be careful! PowerKey works best if you use a firm, hard tap to press the power key.

Don't hold the power key. Tap it!

Does not remap other keys to Power

PowerKey remaps your Power key to output one of the key replacements below.

This app does not remap other keys to function as a Power key.

PowerKey cannot be used to remap any keys other than the Power key.

Key Replacements

Choose from one of the following Power key replacements.

  • Delete (forward)
  • No Action
  • Delete (backspace)
  • Page Up
  • Page Down
  • Home
  • End
  • Help
  • Clear
  • Escape
  • Tab
  • Return
  • Enter
  • F13
  • Script or Apple Script

PowerKey replacements

Frequently Asked Questions

Pressing the Power key doesn't always work.

Apple has made mode-switching keys such as Caps-Lock and Power somewhat harder to accidentally press:

Mac Notebooks: Caps Lock modified to reduce accidental activation

You must firmly press the key for half-a-tick longer than a normal keypress for it to be recognized.

The display is turning off!

PowerKey doesn't modify the behavior of holding the power key.

Depending on how long you hold the power key, this may result in your display turning off, the computer going to sleep, or a forced shutdown.

When using PowerKey, be sure to only press the power key with a firm, hard tap.

But my MacBook has an Eject key!

The Eject key has been replaced by a Power key on the newer Macbook, Macbook Pro, and Macbook Air models that do not feature an optical drive.

But PowerKey does work with the Eject key as well, so you're in luck.

Your laptop's metal Power button (in the chassis) will actually work with this app as well, but it's up to you to decide if that's desirable.

I'm using OS X 10.9 Mavericks, and my Mac immediately goes to Sleep.

In OS X 10.9 Mavericks, tapping the power key immediately puts the computer to sleep.

This behavior has been corrected in later versions of OS X, so please take the time to upgrade from Mavericks if possible.

If using Mavericks, you will need to run an additional command to enable PowerKey. Please see Issue #14 for more information.


If you have any issues or suggestions, please create a GitHub issue:


Photo of Macbook Pro keyboard by Kārlis Dambrāns:

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