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A library for ptrace-based tracing of Python programs

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ptracer -- a library for ptrace-based tracing of Python programs

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Ptracer is a library providing on-demand system call tracing in Python programs.

Basic Usage

.. code-block:: python

import traceback
import ptracer

def callback(syscall): print('{}({}) -> {}'.format(, ', '.join(repr(arg.value) for arg in syscall.args), syscall.result.text)) print('Traceback: ') print(''.join(traceback.format_list(syscall.traceback)))

with ptracer.context(callback): open('/dev/null', 'wb')


Ptracer allows elaborate syscall filtering via the filter argument:

.. code-block:: python

flt = [
            lambda arg: arg.value & os.O_WRONLY
        result=lambda res: res.value > 0

with ptracer.context(callback, filter=flt): # traced code ...

In the above example, ptracer will invoke the callback only for successful attempts to open files in the "/tmp" directory for writing.


The documentation is available on 

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