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Driver for the Pimoroni HyperPixel 4.0" Touchscreen Display

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HyperPixel 4.0" Drivers

HyperPixel 4.0 is an 800x480 or 720x720 pixel display for the Raspberry Pi, with optional capacitive touchscreen.

Installing / Uninstalling

This repository contains several branches for different combinations of Pi and HyperPixel4 boards.

You should use our one-line installer to install HyperPixel4 Rectangular and Square:

curl -sSL | bash

When prompted, pick the combination of Pi and touchscreen that you're planning to use.

Note: A HyperPixel4 setup for Pi 3B+ or earlier will not readily work if you move it over to a Pi 4, you should run this installer again to update the drivers.

Manual Installation

Here's a list of active branches and which Pi/display combination they support:

  • pi3 - Pi 3B+ and earlier, HyperPixel4 Rectangular
  • pi4 - Pi 4, HyperPixel4 Rectangular, use
    to rotate once installed
  • square - Pi 3B+ and earlier, HyperPixel4 Square
  • square-pi4 - Pi 4, HyperPixel4 Square

To clone a specific branch to your Pi, run:

git clone -b 


cd hyperpixel4
and run
sudo ./
to install it.


Rotation on Pi 4

HyperPixel4 is a portait display, so on first boot it will start in portrait mode with the USB ports at the top.

On Pi 4 we can take advantage of the rotation available in Display Configuration, and provide you with a command for setting both display and touch rotation together.

To rotate HyperPixel4 on a Pi 4 use the


Landscape mode, HDMI/power ports on the bottom:

hyperpixel4-rotate left

Landscape mode, HDMI/power ports on the top:

hyperpixel4-rotate right

Portrait mode, USB ports on the top:

hyperpixel4-rotate normal

Portrait mode, USB ports on the bottom:

hyperpixel4-rotate inverted

If you're running this command over SSH you should prefix it with


180 Degree Rotation on Pi 3

Note: You must build the latest dtoverlay file to enable rotation support:

  1. Go into
  2. run
    to build a new hyperpixel4.dtbo with rotation support
  3. copy the overlay with
    sudo cp hyperpixel4.dtbo /boot/overlays/

To rotate your HyperPixel4 you must edit /boot/config.txt and change the following lines:

  1. Change
  2. Change

This will rotate both the display and the touchscreen input to match.

If you're using a non-touchscreen HyperPixel4 you need only change



Where possible we are collecting known FAQs under the

label in our issue tracker.

Issue Tracker

If your issue is not covered by one of these provided by our team and community then we ask you to provide some debugging information using the following oneliner:

curl -sSL | bash

Then file a bug report.

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