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A simple bash script for switching between installed versions of CUDA.

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Sometimes, it becomes necessary to switch to an earlier version of CUDA in order to run older code on a machine that is actually set up to use the current version of the CUDA toolkit. This is as simple as adjusting the values of a few environment variables, yet it is cumbersome to do manually. Therefore, this repository provides the bash script
, which adjusts the environment to use a specific version of CUDA for the current bash session.

has been written for and tested on Ubuntu 16.04, but is easily adapted for other platforms.


source [VERSION]

Notice that the script has to be sourced rather than executed, as it performs changes of environment variables that are supposed to persist after the script has finished. If a version number is provided, than all relevant environment variables are adjusted to the required CUDA version (including

, and
). If no version is provided, however, then the script simply prints all versions of CUDA that have been found on the used machine (in


$ source 
The following CUDA installations have been found (in '/usr/local'):
* cuda-8.0
* cuda-9.0
* cuda-9.1
$ source 9.0
Switched to CUDA 9.0.

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