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An awesome list of self-driving cars

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Awesome Self-Driving Cars Awesome

We wanted flying cars, instead we got 140 characters. - Peter Thiel

We want self-driving cars, and we want them with an awesome list. - Not Peter Thiel


A curated list of all awesome things related to self-driving car.


Contributions are highly appreciated. Please send me pull request. Make sure the stuff you add is actually awesome. We are not trying to include everything here, only awesome stuff.

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  • Udacity's Self-Driving Car Simulator - This simulator is built for Udacity's Self-Driving Car Nanodegree to teach students how to train cars how to navigate road courses using deep learning. It is used for the project of Behavioral Cloning.
  • Microsoft's AirSim - An open-source and cross platform simulator built for drones and other vehicles. AirSim is designed as a platform for AI research to experiment with deep learning, computer vision and reinforcement learning algorithms for autonomous vehicles.
  • MIT's Moral Machine - Moral machine provides a "platform for 1) building a crowd-sourced picture of human opinion on how machines should make decisions when faced with moral dilemmas, and 2) crowd-sourcing assembly and discussion of potential scenarios of moral consequence". If you are a fan of the trolley problem, you can't miss this.
  • MIT's Google Self-Driving Car Simulator - Self-driving car simulated completely by visual programming language Scratch.


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  • Arizona - Executive order 2015-09 was signed to direct all state agencies to undertake any necessary steps to support the testing and operation of self-driving vehicles on public roads within Arizona. The executive order also specifies that in Arizona the operator of a self-driving vehicle does not have to be physically inside the vehicle. The vehicle can be directed remotely in self-driving mode.
  • Colorado - Colorado passes first law to regulate self-driving cars. Companies who plan to test self-driving cars in Colorado need to first check in with the state Department of Transportation and State Patrol.
  • California - Application required for testing self-driving cars. Manufacturers are required to provide accident reports and disengagement reports. The regulations for post-testing deployment of self-driving cars have been drafted and will establish the requirements for manufacturers to meet prior to operation on California’s on public roads.
  • New York - It is announced on May 10, 2017 that the state is accepting application for self-driving car testing. The pilot testing program is included in FY 2018 and can be further extended.
  • Texas - Bill SB 2205 is proposed to implement minimum safety requirements and accelerate testing of self-driving cars on public roads. The bill passed the Texas Senate Transportation Committee and it is currently pending Senate debate and referral to the House.
  • Virginia - Arguably the most friendly state to self-driving cars with no application or permit required and $25M per year fund set to facilitate self-driving cars. Virginia Automated Corridors is announced to offer self-driving car developers the opportunity to test their technologies on Virginia roads covering more than 70 miles of interstates and arterials in the Northern Virginia region.

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