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Sand box project containing example shaders and assets compatible with Unity Universal Render Pipeline.

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Universal Shader Examples

This project contains a collection of shader examples for Universal Render Pipeline.


  • Unity 2019.3.9f1 or later
  • UniversalRP 7.3.1 or later
  • You need git-lfs to download the large asset files. Most Git client UI comes with support to git-lfs.

How to use this examples

  • Clone the repository. You must have git-lfs enabled.
  • Load in Unity.
  • Examples are located in
    folder. Each scene contains a different example bundled with shaders and materials.

Examples in this project

Unlit Examples

All unlit shader examples except the first one support realtime shadows (cast and receive).

01 UnlitTexture

Basic "hello world" shader. UnlitTexture

02 UnlitTexture + Realtime Shadows

Unlit with support for receiving and casting realtime shadows. UnlitTextureShadows

03 Matcap

Matcap with support of per-pixel normals. Matcap

04 Screen Space UV

Screen space uv texture mapping. SceenSpaceUV

Lit Examples

50 Baked Lighting Only

No direct lighting. Global Illumination (skylight + SH and Lightamps) + realtime shadows. UnlitTexture

51 Lit Physically Based

Physically Based Lit shader supporting metallic workflow. LitPhysicallyBased

52 Cleat Coat Physically Based

Cleat Coat Physically Based evaluates a second BDRF for thin coat layer. LitPhysicallyBased

From left to right: car flakes, carbon filter, lacquered wood.

Top spheres are without the coat layer, using the standard Lit Physically Based shader.

Bottom spheres are with the Clear Coat Physically Based shader.


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