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Bash script to convert video files into Google Chromecast supported format.

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Simple bash script to convert video files into Google Chromecast supported format.

Script identifies video and audio format of given file (using

) and converts it if necessary (using

Filename of output video file is

and original video file gets renamed to


  • mediainfo
  • ffmpeg

Install requirements by running e.g.

apt-get install ffmpeg mediainfo
(Debian) or
brew install ffmpeg mediainfo
(MacOS with Homebrew).


./ [--mp4 | --mkv | --stereo | --delete-on-success | --force-vencode | --force-aencode | --config=/path/to/config]  [videofile2 ...]


  • ./ /Volumes/MyNAS
    - converts all videos on your NAS (assuming that it's mounted to
  • ./ Holiday.avi Wedding.avi
    - converts specified video files


  • --mp4
    forces conversion to MPEG-4 container
  • --mkv
    forces conversion to Matroska container
  • --stereo
    forces conversion from multichannel audio to 2 channel stereo
  • --delete-on-success
    deletes the original file on success instead of renaming it to
  • --force-vencode
    forces re-encoding of the video, if the codec is supported but the profile level is too high
  • --force-aencode
    forces re-encoding of the audio
  • --config=/path/to/config
    specify where to store configuration. When omitted the default folder
    is used.

Changing default options

  • Copy the example
    file to your config folder (default location:
  • Uncomment the options which you wish to change by removing the leading


  • Petr Kotek (did the script save you some time? donations appreciated:

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