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Tool to create Chromium/Chrome/Firefox/Vivaldi SSBs in Peppermint OS.

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ICE - SSB Manager


(C) 2010 - 2021 -- Mark Greaves

Released under GNU General Public License version 2


Application to easily add and remove Chromium site specific browsers in Debian and Ubuntu based Linux distributions. It was originally created for Peppermint OS Ice and is now used as the default SSB application in Peppermint OS since the two branches of the OS merged for Peppermint Two. Since version 5, Ice has supported Google Chrome. Ice now supports Chrome, Chromium, Firefox, and Vivaldi. Chrome, Chromium, and Vivaldi SSB's can now be completely isolated from each other (or use the shared master browser profile) Firefox SSB's are always isolated.


Ice depends on one of the above browsers being installed. It's also possible to use it with any build of Google Chrome however this is something that is hard coded into the app and will need to be manually changed if one wishes to use it in such a manner.


Ice creates .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications and removes them from the same directory. Ice doesn't remove downloaded icons, rather it overwrites them in the case that the user adds back an SSB after removing it. In the event that an icon is not available when attempting to download, a stock version of the Ice icon will be used instead. The user has the ability to specify any local icon should they so choose.

This application does not use a standard means of applying translations. It handles it's own translations by itself using it's own means of doing so. If you would like to contribute translations (please do), then please contact me and I will make sure you have the necessary details for doing so.

Ice was originally written for Python 2.6.x and GTK+2. For version 4.0.0 in April 2014 it was ported to Python 3.x.x and GTK+3.

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Thank you for your interest in Ice. If you wish to contact us for any reason, please do so via the Peppermint Linux OS Forum:

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