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Simple and fast note-taking in Chrome with Google Drive support.

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My Notes — Web Store

My Notes is a Chrome extension for simple and fast note-taking.

Write down your ideas, notes, todos, clipboard, articles, and other, all effortlessly in a Chrome's New Tab.


→   All notes available inside your Chrome (How to open)

→   All notes saved automatically

→   All notes synchronized in every open window as you edit them

→   Can use HTML

→   Great as a Clipboard

→   Can send text between computers (Context menu)

→   Can store notes to Google Drive and edit them from other devices (Google Drive Sync)

→   Themes (Light, Dark, Custom)

→   Hotkeys

→   Works offline

How to open

My Notes:

  1. Click on My Notes icon in Chrome toolbar
  2. In every new tab (see Options)
  3. Use Hotkey (see Options)


  1. Click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner
  2. Right-click on My Notes icon in the Chrome toolbar and select Options
  3. Use Hotkey (see Options)

Context menu

Context menu allows you to quickly save the selected text to My Notes Clipboard (a special note in My Notes).

Save selection

Saves the selected text to My Notes Clipboard in your current computer. My Notes doesn't have to be open.

Save selection to other devices

Saves the selected text to My Notes Clipboard in your other computer(s). My Notes needs to be open in the second computer and same Google Account needs to be used.

Google Drive Sync

Google Drive Sync (see Options) saves your notes to your personal Google Drive and synchronizes the changes between your local My Notes and your Google Drive every time you hit the Sync button (bottom left corner).


  • backup of notes in your Google Drive
  • notes can be restored in the future if My Notes is re-installed, by re-enabling Google Drive Sync
  • notes can be edited from Google Drive if needed (or from other devices that have access to Google Drive)
  • notes can be edited from other computers where My Notes is installed and Google Drive Sync is enabled (using same Google Account is needed)


Notes are uploaded to your Google Drive to the folder "My Notes". This folder is created automatically. If the folder exists from a previous installation, notes are downloaded and uploaded and the synchronization continues.


Synchronization works in both ways — to Google Drive, from Google Drive.

Notes are synchronized every time you hit the Sync button. While the synchronization is in progress, Sync button will spin. Sync button tooltip shows the time of the most recent synchronization.


My Notes has only access to the folder "My Notes" and only to the files it created in this folder. It cannot see, access or modify any other files in your Google Drive.

Google Drive Sync works only if the extension is installed from Web Store.

Folder structure

env/              # Helpers for environment variables

out/ # Bundled My Notes (excluded from Git)

src/ background/ google-drive/ # Everything related to Google Drive Sync # - File operations (List, Create, Get, Update, Delete) # - Synchronization (to Google Drive, from Google Drive) # - Queries (find My Notes folder, list files in My Notes folder) # - Multipart bodies (create My Notes folder, create file, update file) # - Tests

init/           # Run when My Notes is installed/updated
                  # - Sets a Unique ID for My Notes installation (used by Context menu), if not already set
                  # - Migrates notes and options
                  # - Creates Context menu and attaches the events
                  # - Creates a Notification when My Notes is installed/updated
                  # - Registers the ways to open My Notes (icon click, in every New Tab)
                  # - Registers events to trigger Google Drive Sync from My Notes

dom/ # Helpers to get DOM elements

integration/ # Integration tests for Google Drive Sync

messages/ # Communication between My Notes and background script

notes/ # Everything related to Notes # - Create/Rename/Delete notes; Note editing, Note saving # - Toolbar # - Every UI init and update when data changes # - Registers commands (Toggle Focus mode - can be enabled in Options)

options/ # Everything related to Options # - Font type, Font size, Theme, etc. # - Every UI init and update when data changes

shared/ # Everything common (used at more places) # - Date formatting (Last sync) # - Managing the permissions (Requesting, Removing, Checking) # - Helpers for Chrome Storage # - Default values (Notes, Options)

themes/ # Light, Dark, Custom

background.js # Main script for background page notes.js # Main script for notes options.js # Main script for options

static/ # All static files (images, icons, HTML, CSS) copied to out/

.editorconfig # To enforce same editor configuration .eslintrc # To enforce code quality and same coding style with ESLint .eslintignore # Files excluded from ESLint checking .gitignore # Files excluded from Git

jest.config.js # Jest configuration tsconfig.json # Typescript configuration

package-lock.json package.json

LICENSE # MIT manifest.json # Main extension file

Browser support

My Notes has full support in Google Chrome only. Although it may be possible to install it in other browsers, the support is not complete.

Support for other Chromium-based browsers will be added if possible.

Security and Privacy

My Notes doesn't collect any personal information or data. All your notes are stored locally in your browser. If you use Google Drive Sync, My Notes can backup the notes to your personal Google Drive.

To provide Google Drive functionality, My Notes has an application in Google Cloud. The sole purpose of this application is to authenticate you securely towards Google Drive and to allow the synchronization of notes.


My Notes has the permissions listed in



  • "storage"
    — used to save the notes and options to Chrome Storage
  • "contextMenus"
    — used to create My Notes Context menu

Required permissions are shown to the user before installing the extension, and are needed at all times to provide the basic functionality.


  • "tabs"
    — needed for "Open My Notes in every New Tab" (see Options)
  • "identity"
    — needed for "Enable Google Drive Sync" (see Options)

Optional permissions are needed only to provide additional functionality that can be enabled via a checkbox in Options.

User has the choice to either approve or deny the permissions.

is a more powerful permission and browsers usually display a generic, in this case unrelated warning as
It can: Read your Browsing history
. My Notes doesn't read your browsing history. The permission is only needed to enable "Open My Notes in every New Tab". To read more about the warnings, see the offical documentation.


1. Where is My Notes published? What is the process behind publishing My Notes?

My Notes is published to Web Store, a store for Google Chrome extensions. When publishing a new version, I first make a new release here on GitHub. Then I create a build of the new release and send it to Web Store for a review. The review usually takes between 24 hours and a few days. After a successful review, the new version is available on Web Store.

2. Can I install My Notes manually by downloading it from GitHub?

Yes, My Notes can be installed manually by downloading it from GitHub, but keep in mind, that Google Drive Sync works only if My Notes is installed from Web Store. To install My Notes manually, download the zip file of the latest version which you can find here. Then, unpack the downloaded file and install NPM packages followed by

npm run build
. Finally, open
address in Google Chrome and click the "Load unpacked" button to load the unpacked extension from your drive by selecting the

3. Google Drive Sync isn't working. What's the cause?

Google Drive Sync works only if My Notes is installed from Web Store and in Google Chrome. The reasons for this are two. First, Google Chrome provides an "identity" API that My Notes relies on. Second, for security reasons, Google Drive Sync works only if My Notes has an ID equal to "lkeeogfaiembcblonahillacpaabmiop", which is the ID it has on Web Store (also in the URL). When My Notes is installed manually, it gets an ID that is different to the one on Web Store.

4. What browsers and operating systems are supported?

Currently, only Google Chrome is supported. Other Chromium-based browsers are next to come, if possible. Any common OS (Windows, Linux, OSX) is supported. Chromebooks are supported as well.

5. How can I open or edit notes from my phone?

If Google Drive Sync is enabled, My Notes will sync your notes to/from your personal Google Drive into a folder "My Notes".

To get access to your Google Drive from a phone, install Google Drive application. To open the note, click on in from the list. To edit the note, click on the three-circles icon next to the note, and select "Open with" from the context menu. You can then chose a preferred editor from the list.

6. What is the size limit for my notes?

Notes are limited to 5MB in total.

This limit comes with the default setting of the browser. In case of interest, future versions of My Notes could be having a new optional "unlimitedStorage" permission, which if enabled, would increase the storage infinitely (as your hard drive allows).

7. Is My Notes for free?

My Notes is available as open-source, free to download, install, and use. Preferred way to install My Notes is from Web Store.

Created with ❤ in 2019.

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