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A beautiful and animated bottom navigation

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A beautiful and animated bottom navigation. The navigation bar uses your current theme, but you are free to customize it.

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Customization (Optional)


  • iconSize
    - the item icon's size
  • items
    - navigation items, required more than one item and less than six
  • selectedIndex
    - the current item index. Use this to change the selected item. Defaults to zero
  • onItemSelected
    - required to listen when an item is tapped it provides the selected item's index
  • backgroundColor
    - the navigation bar's background color
  • showElevation
    - if false the appBar's elevation will be removed
  • mainAxisAlignment
    - use this property to change the horizontal alignment of the items. It is mostly used when you have ony two items and you want to center the items
  • curve
    - param to customize the item change's animation
  • containerHeight
    - changes the Navigation Bar's height


  • icon
    - the icon of this item
  • title
    - the text that will appear next to the icon when this item is selected
  • activeColor
    - the active item's background and text color
  • inactiveColor
    - the inactive item's icon color
  • textAlign
    - property to change the alignment of the item title

Getting Started

Add the dependency in

  bottom_navy_bar: ^5.6.0

Basic Usage

Adding the widget

bottomNavigationBar: BottomNavyBar(
   selectedIndex: _selectedIndex,
   showElevation: true, // use this to remove appBar's elevation
   onItemSelected: (index) => setState(() {
              _selectedIndex = index;
                  duration: Duration(milliseconds: 300), curve: Curves.ease);
   items: [
       icon: Icon(Icons.apps),
       title: Text('Home'),
         icon: Icon(Icons.people),
         title: Text('Users'),
         activeColor: Colors.purpleAccent
         icon: Icon(Icons.message),
         title: Text('Messages'),
         icon: Icon(Icons.settings),
         title: Text('Settings'),

Use with PageView and PageController

class _MyHomePageState extends State {

int _currentIndex = 0; PageController _pageController;

@override void initState() { super.initState(); _pageController = PageController(); }

@override void dispose() { _pageController.dispose(); super.dispose(); }

@override Widget build(BuildContext context) { return Scaffold( appBar: AppBar(title: Text("Bottom Nav Bar")), body: SizedBox.expand( child: PageView( controller: _pageController, onPageChanged: (index) { setState(() => _currentIndex = index); }, children: [ Container(color: Colors.blueGrey,), Container(color:,), Container(color:,), Container(color:,), ], ), ), bottomNavigationBar: BottomNavyBar( selectedIndex: _currentIndex, onItemSelected: (index) { setState(() => _currentIndex = index); _pageController.jumpToPage(index); }, items: [ BottomNavyBarItem( title: Text('Item One'), icon: Icon(Icons.home) ), BottomNavyBarItem( title: Text('Item Two'), icon: Icon(Icons.apps) ), BottomNavyBarItem( title: Text('Item Three'), icon: Icon(Icons.chat_bubble) ), BottomNavyBarItem( title: Text('Item Four'), icon: Icon(Icons.settings) ), ], ), ); } }

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