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Among Us Discord Bot | Discord bot for controlling voice channels during Among Us matches

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Discord bot for controlling voice channels during Among Us matches

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| Command | Aliases | Description | |-|-|-| |

| Shows the bot's invite link | |
| Marks a player as alive | |
| Marks a player as dead. Dead players are kept muted during the discussion stage. | |
| Sets the stage to discussion, unmutes everyone who is alive | |
| Ends the current game | |
| Forcibly adds someone to the current game | |
| Links to the bot's GitHub page | |
| Lists all of the bot's commands | |
| | Sets you as the game host so only you can control the bot | |
| Joins the current game as a color | |
| Adds everyone in the voice channel to the game as a random color. | |
| Removes a player from the game | |
| Leaves the current game | |
| Sets the stage to Lobby, marks everyone as alive and unmutes them | |
| Starts a new game | |
| Lists all players in the current game | |
| Set the color of a player in your game | |
| Lets you control the bot through your phone | |
| Sets the stage to tasks and mutes everyone | |
| | Exits "host mode" and frees you from being the host |
* aliases have not been implemented yet.

Support server


If you prefer you run the bot yourself instead of using the hosted instance, you can either use Docker or clone the repository directly. For both methods, you'll need a bot token and the ID of a server that has the emojis the bot needs (the bot needs to be in the server).


Images are automatically built and pushed to Docker Hub whenever the source code changes. You can run your own instance of the bot with the command below:

$ docker run -e DISCORD_TOKEN= GUILD_ID= -d pedrofracassi/amongcord

Cloning directly

Although not recommended for production, cloning the repository should work just fine for experimental purposes. If you want to, you can use a process manager like pm2 to keep the node process running, but bear in mind that I don't run the bot this way and probably won't be able to help you out.

  1. Clone the repository >
    git clone
  2. Enter the directory you just cloned into >
    cd amongcord
  3. Install the dependencies >
    npm install
  4. Set the DISCORD_TOKEN and GUILD_ID environment variables
  5. Run the bot >
    node src/.

Similar projects

  • AmongUsBot - automatically detects tasks/discussion stages with OCR instead of using commands, but needs to be installed on someone's computer.
  • amongusdiscord - same as above, but written in Go. Easier to install as prebuilt executables are provided.

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