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Easily import JS and CSS resources from Chrome console.

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Console Importer

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Install it from Chrome Web Store:


Open Chrome devtools console, a function named

could be used to import JavaScript and CSS resources.

Import specific version:

$i('[email protected]')

Also, you can import a valid script URL:


CSS is supported, too:


Trouble shooting

doesn't work as expected

Some websites like Google Inbox already have

used as a global variable. This extension doesn't overwrite it.

You can use

on these websites.

fail to import resources

On some websites like GitHub,

will fail to import resources. Console warning may be like follows:
Refused to load the stylesheet '' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive: "style-src 'unsafe-inline'".

It is because of strict Content Security Policy of these websites. For more information, see Content Security Policy (CSP) wiki

How does it work?

  • If it is like a JavaScript lib name, like
    , try to load it from cdnjs
  • If it has version number, like
    [email protected]
    , try to load it from unpkg
  • If it is a valid URL(CSS or JS), load it directly

For advanced use, there are also two functions

which could be used to import resources from specific CDN.



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