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Source Code for Machine Learning in Action for Python 3.X

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Machine Learning in Action 3.X

This is the source code to go with "Machine Learning in Action" by Peter Harrington published by Manning Inc, for Python 3.X. The official page for this book can be found here:

Help is needed to convert these code examples from Python 2.X to Python 3.X. Contributors will be thanked in the second edition of the book, unless they opt out.

The source code is getting cleaned up at the same time. For example in the original code everything was imported from NumPy with:

from numpy import *
. I did that to save space in the source code, however it sacrificed readability. People didn't know if a method I was using came from NumPy or Python builtin function. A better approach would have been to use the statement
import numpy as np
. This adds three characters to every NumPy funciton but at least people will know where this function is coming from.

Converting Python 2.X to 3.X Setting up a virtual env with Python 3

You will need numpy to run the examples in this book. To install NumPy do the following:

pip3 install numpy
. Pip3 and Pip may be the same (they are the same in my Virtual env, so you may only need to run
pip install numpy
. Check the paths of with
which pip
which pip3

Chapters currently working with Python 3.X: - ch2 done by YoungSeon.Ahn - ch3 done by YoungSeon.Ahn - ch4 done by Angel Ortega - ch5 done by Adam Yang - ch6 done by shenyyi - ch7 done by shenyyi - ch8 done by shenyyi - ch9 done by shenyyi - ch10 done by shenyyi - ch11 done by shenyyi - ch12 done by shenyyi - ch13 done by shenyyi - ch14 done by shenyyi

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