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Four-in-one deep network: image search, image captioning, similar words and similar images using a s...

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One neural network, many uses

Jupyter notebook corresponding to tutorial: One neural network network, many uses: image captioning, image search, similar images and similar words using one model

Requires following packages: - PyTorch - Numpy - Matplotlib

Dataset NOT included (please download separately)

To follow along, you'll need to download the Flickr8K dataset. Fill this form and you'll receive a download link on your email. (There's also a direct link to download the 1GB Flickr8K dataset, though not sure how long it'll stay like that). Extract the zip file in the 'Flicker8kDataset' folder in the same directory as your notebook. You'll also need to download captions from here. Extract captions in the folder 'captiondatasets'.

Example performance

Image caption example:

art 1

Similar words example

art 2

Similar images example

asrt 3

Image search example

search example

search example

Made by @paraschopra

MIT License.

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