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Yamb is a module for nforum, a replacement of Mobile Module.

see https://bbs.byr.cn/n



$ cd /path/to/nforum

1. vim config/nforum.php, add yamb configurations

<?php $export['modules']['install'] = array('index', 'yamb'/** , other moduels */); $export['modules']['yamb']['base'] = 'mobile'; $export['modules']['yamb']['domain'] = 'm';

2. add redirect rule to app/plugins/Redirect.php

3. add submodule

$ git submodule add [email protected]:paper777/yamb.git app/modules/Yamb

4. build

$ ./app/moduels/Yamb/scripts/build

5. add assets link

cd www && link -sf ../app/modules/Yamb/www/dist/yamb .


Thank you for considering contributing to the yamb module!

Any bugs just open an issue or submit a PR

  1. Front End Guide

Clone the repo and run

npm install && npm run dev
  1. Back End

connect paper777#qq(dot)com

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