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Code from CS193P iOS Development Swift Course

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Code from CS193P Course

All the code samples in this repo are completely written by Paul Hegarty of Stanford University for demo during CS193P Winter 2015 Lectures. I don't deserve any credit for it. I have just downloaded from CS193P official website and uncompressed and uploaded here for easier viewing and sharing. To watch lectures please subscribe via iTunes

CS193P is iOS Application Development course taught at Stanford by Paul Hegarty. Current course (winter 2015) covers iOS8 development using Swift and Xcode 6.

Lecture 5: Views

Custom Views, @IBDesignable, @IBInspetable, UIBezierPath, Draw Circle, arcs and various shapes on views. Happiness Demo

Lecture 6: Delegation & Gestures

Happiness Demo #2

Lecture 7: Multiple MVCs

Psychologist Demo

Psychologist Popover Demo

AxesDrawer Class

Lecture 8: VCL Autolayout

Psychologist VCL Demo

ShowSizeClass Demo

Auotlayout Demo

Lecture 9: ScrollView & Multithreading

Cassini Demo

Lecture 10: Table View

SmashTag Demo

Twitter Classes

Lecture 12: Dynamic Animation

Dropit Demo

Lecture 13: AirDrop & Bouncer

Demo code from the Application Lifecycle, Notifications and Core Motion lecture.

Trax Airdrop


Lecture 14: MapKit

Trax MapKit

Lecture 15: Segues, Notifications, Visual Effects

Trax Segue

Lecture 16: Camera File System Embed

Trax Camera File Embed

Lecture 17: Settings Localization

Bouncer and internationalized version of Autolayout demo.

Bouncer Settings

Autolayout Localized


This work by Stanford University is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License. Based on a work at cs193p.stanford.edu

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