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Windows, Unix, Raspberry Pi Motion Tracking Demo. Tracks movement in camera view and returns X, Y ...

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MOTION TRACK - Windows, Unix, Raspberry Pi Demo

Uses python2/3, Opencv2/3 to do Real Time x,y tracking of largest moving object in camera view.

Motion Track Demo YouTube Video


I did quite a bit of searching on the internet, GitHub, etc, but could not at the time find a similar python picamera implementation that returns x,y coordinates of the most dominate moving object in the frame although some came close.


Requires a Raspberry Pi computer with a Web Camera or RPI Camera Module and Recent Raspbian
MS Windows, Unix computer with a Web Camera with recent python installed

If you wish to use a web camera that is plugged into a usb port. Set WEBCAM = True in otherwise, WEBCAM = False will use a connected raspberry pi camera module video stream. When running under Windows or a non RPI unix distro import of pi-camera python libraries will fail and Web camera setting WEBCAM = True will automatically be configured.

The Raspberry Pi or Debian dependencies and code files can be installed per the curl script below.
if you are using MS Win or Non Debian Unix Repo, select the GitHub Clone or download green button at top right of web page and select desired method.

Quick Install or Upgrade

Easy Install of motion-track-demo onto Debian or Raspberry Pi Computer with latest Raspbian.

Step 1 With mouse left button highlight curl command in code box below. Right click mouse in highlighted area and Copy.
Step 2 On RPI putty SSH or terminal session right click, select paste then Enter to download and run script.

curl -L | bash

Command above will install all code and dependencies
Note - a raspbian sudo apt-get update and upgrade will be performed as part of install so it may take some time if these are not up-to-date

Manual Install

From logged in RPI SSH session or console terminal perform the following.

chmod +x

How to Run

Default is console only display. Use Nano or text editor to Edit variable window_on = True to display the opencv tracking window on GUI desktop. See other variables and descriptions for additional variable customization settings. From SSH session, console or GUI desktop terminal session execute the following commands

cd ~/motion-track-demo

On Windows make sure you have the latest python installed from Run from IDLE or if file association exists it can also be run from cmd prompt by double clicking on Use a text editor to modify to view opencv window(s) and set other configuration variables.

Trouble Shooting

if you get an opengl error then see this article about installing opengl on
a RPI P2

Otherwise install opengl support library per following command then reboot.

sudo apt-get install libgl1-mesa-dri

Edit the file and set variable windowon = True so the opencv status windows can display camera motion images and a circle marking x,y coordinates as well as the threshold images. The circle diameter can be change using CIRCLESIZE variable. You can set window_on = False if you need to run from SSH session. If debug= True then status information will be displayed without a GUI desktop session.


Some of this code is based on a YouTube tutorial by
Kyle Hounslow using C here

Thanks to Adrian Rosebrock jrosebr1 at
for the PiVideoStream Class code available on github at

Motion Track Demo - Basic concept of tracking moving objects. This Demo program detects motion in the field of view and uses opencv to calculate the largest contour above a minimum size and return its x,y coordinate.

Track Multiple Objects

This code example only tracks the largest moving object since it is done in real time. If you are interested in tracking multiple objects you might want to take a look at this github repo for multitracker code example. My suggestion would be to cut contours and pass this as the ROI (Rectangle of Interest). Read the issues on this since there will be issues regarding objects that leave, enter and stop that will need to have new ROI's initialized.

Project links

  • Motion Track Demo YouTube Video
  • GitHub Repo
  • RPI forum post

---------- Other Projects of Mine Based on Motion Tracking ------------

Track Enter and Leave Activity that cross a vert or horiz center line This project Runs on Windows or Unix using Web Cam or Raspberry Pi using Web Cam or pi camera module and Uses Python2/3, OpenCV2/3 to track motion and record object enter or leave camera view when they cross a trigger centerline. Has options to take image and/or record data in a csv file
* GitHub track inout Repo

Windows, Unix vehicle (object) speed camera using motion tracking Tracks vehicle speeds or other moving objects in real time and records image and logs data. Now improved using threading for video stream and clipping of area of interest for greater performance. * GitHub speed camera Repo
* YouTube Speed Camera Video
* RPI forum post

Tracks camera pan/tilt motion position based on opencv template matching Uses a clipped search image rectangle to search subsequent video stream images and returns the location. Can be used for tracking camera x y movements for stabilization, robotics, Etc. * GitHub cam track Repo
* YouTube Cam-Track Video
* Code Walkthrough YouTube Video
* RPI Forum Post

A simple motion tracking game with motion activated menus The game play involves motion tracking of body motion (hands) to get as many hits as possible inside shrinking boxes that randomly move around the screen. Position the camera so you can see body motions either close or standing. Pretty simple but I think kids would have fun with it and they just might take a look at the code to see how it works, change variables or game logic. * GitHub hotspot-game Repo
* YouTube Hotspot Game Video
* RPI Forum Post

Send Motion Tracking Data to Sonic Pi to play notes and/or music samples This demo app sends camera motion tracking data to the sonic-pi music program. sonic-track sends data to sonic-pi via and pythonosc. You will need a pi camera and a powered speaker connected to the Raspberry Pi audio/video plug via appropriate cables or you can attach RPI to an HDMI TV via HDMI cable and sound will redirect to TV speakers. * GitHub sonic track Repo * YouTube Air Drum Demo * YouTube Air Note Demo * YouTube Motion Activated Menus


Have Fun Claude Pageau
YouTube Channel
GitHub Repo

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