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ROPME is a set of python scripts to generate ROP gadgets and payload.

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ROPEME - ROP Exploit Made Easy

Proof-Of-Concept Return-Oriented-Programming automation tool Version: Black Hat USA 2010 - Jul 28, 2010

Copyright (c) 2010 by Long Le Dinh

This file has been released under the GNU GPL version 2 or later.

ROPME is a set of python scripts to generate ROP gadgets and payload.


  • Python >=2.6
  • diStorm64 - for disassembly
  • binutils


  • interactive ROP shell to generate and search for gadgets

$ ropeme/ Simple ROP interactive shell: [generate, load, search] gadgets ROPeMe> help Available commands: type help for detail generate Generate ROP gadgets for binary load Load ROP gadgets from file search Search ROP gadgets shell Run external shell commands ^D Exit

ROPeMe> **

  • search for ADD MEM gadgets sequence in binary

$ ropeme/ vuln 4 Searching ROP sequences for binary: vuln Generating gadgets for vuln with backward depth=4 It may take few minutes depends on the depth and file size... Processing code block 1/1 Generated 87 gadgets Found ROP sequences for file vuln:


pop ecx ; pop ebx ; leave ;; = 0x8048624

pop ebp ;; = 0x80484b4

add [ebp+0x5b042464] ecx ; pop ebp ;; = 0x80484ae


Warning: trailing "leave" found in ROP sequence: [('pop ecx ; pop ebx ; leave ;;', 134514212L), ('pop ebp ;;', 134513844L), ('add [ebp+0x5b042464] ecx ; pop ebp ;;', 134513838L)] **

  • sample ROP stage-1 and stage-0 payload generator. See the sample for usage.

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