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The Open Source Python Wave Client/Server solution (legacy version)

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PyGoWave Relaunch

Hello World!

I, p2k, main developer of PyGoWave, am currently rebuilding this project from the ground. I have decided this step, because I want to change the JavaScript Framework to SproutCore for a far better user experience and because the existing data structures cannot be used efficiently in combination with the Federation Protocol.

Therefore I renamed the original project to "pygowave-legacy", which is no longer maintained, and created a new repository with the old name.

Please delete your old forks or also rename them to "pygowave-legacy" and create a new fork of this project to keep up. All other references to the wiki entries or other files might also be invalid now, please take care of that.

The plans


  • The Django backend will be dropped; only Twisted is used from now on
  • Orbited will be kept as Comet-Framework for the Web Client
  • The data models will be completely redesigned to fit the Federation Protocol requirements; all data will be XML documents
  • There will also be an Erlang port of the RPC server as before
  • For persistency, plain XML files, SQL databases and CouchDB will be supported


  • There will be means to convert operations and snapshots of waves for use with several protocols via a modular approach
  • The old PyGoWave protocol will be replaced by the official Wave Data Protocol with a small extension to allow subscribing to events and for receiving letter-by-letter updates (this will be called "PyGoWave Simple Data Protocol")
  • The official Wave Robot Protocol will be fully supported at a later point
  • For clients other than the Web Client, there will be a bigger extension to the Wave Data Protocol which allows the reception of XML-operations (called "PyGoWave Extended Data Protocol")
  • The client APIs, which will be available for lots of programming languages and platforms, will also come in two tastes: simple and extended
  • The extended API features both raw XML data manipulation as well as wrapped Wave/Wavelet/Blip models driven by the PyGoWave Extended Data Protocol
  • The simple API features Wave/Wavelet/Blip models only and uses the PyGoWave Simple Data Protocol

Frontend / Web Client

  • The complete Web Client will be written with SproutCore, a versatile JavaScript framework which allows to write desktop-quality GUI applications directly in JavaScript
  • The pure JavaScript code of Orbited will be ported to SproutCore as well as the STOMP protocol which is still used as underlying transport for message bundles
  • The new frontend tries to mimic the behavior of the official Wave web frontend as good as possible (or even better)

Code sharing

  • A new sub-project will be spawned to automatically convert the python code of the core algorithms to a number of other programming languages resp. frameworks just like PyCow
  • In detail, the PyGoWave APIs will be available for: Python, JavaScript/SC, C++/Qt, ObjC/NeXT, C#/.NET, Java, PHP, Erlang and possibly others at a later point
  • This converter will only translate a small subset of Python, though

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