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This is a Pytorch implementation of deep image blending

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Deep Image Blending

This is a Pytorch implementation of our paper "Deep Image Blending".

Deep Image Blending
Lingzhi Zhang, Tarmily Wen, Jianbo Shi
GRASP Laboratory, University of Pennsylvania

In Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision (WACV), 2020


We propose a Poisson blending loss that achieves the same purpose of Poisson Image Editing. We jointly optimize the proposed Poisson blending loss with style and content loss computed from a deep network, and reconstruct the blending region by iteratively updating the pixels using the L-BFGS solver. In the blending image, we not only smooth out gradient domain of the blending boundary but also add consistent texture into the blending region.


In terminal, execute the following command: python

Please check the arguments in the code for you application.

Ablation Study

Example results for paintings

Example results for real-world images


If you use this code for your research, please cite our paper:

  title={Deep Image Blending},
  author={Zhang, Lingzhi and Wen, Tarmily and Shi, Jianbo},
  booktitle={The IEEE Winter Conference on Applications of Computer Vision},

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