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VST 2.4 API implementation in rust. Create plugins or hosts.

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A library to help facilitate creating VST plugins in rust.

This library is a work in progress and as such does not yet implement all opcodes. It is enough to create basic VST plugins without an editor interface.

Please note: This api may be subject to rapid changes and the current state of this library is not final.

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  • Implement all opcodes
  • Proper editor support (possibly conrod + sdl2?)
  • Write more tests
  • Provide better examples


To create a plugin, simply create a type which implements

. Then call the macro
, which will export the necessary functions and handle dealing with the rest of the API.

Example Plugin

A simple plugin that bears no functionality. The provided Cargo.toml has a crate-type directive which builds a dynamic library, usable by any VST host.

extern crate vst2;

use vst2::plugin::{Info, Plugin};

#[derive(Default)] struct BasicPlugin;

impl Plugin for BasicPlugin { fn get_info(&self) -> Info { Info { name: "Basic Plugin".to_string(), unique_id: 1357, // Used by hosts to differentiate between plugins.



plugin_main!(BasicPlugin); // Important!

name = "basic_vst"
version = "0.0.1"
authors = ["Author "]

[dependencies] vst2 = "0.0.1"

[lib] name = "basicvst" crate-type = ["dylib"]

Packaging on OS X

On OS X VST plugins are packaged inside of loadable bundles. To package your VST as a loadable bundle you may use the
script this library provides. 


./ Plugin target/release/plugin.dylib
Creates a Plugin.vst bundle

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