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Gather data over time from a Graph-Ql endpoint with a single command.

Analyze response times of queries with simple but effective visualizations.

Configure different categories of queries with either CLI or GUI.

The more you watch the more you know, watchMo watch, watchMo mo!

Getting Started

To get access to the watchmo CLI, install watchmo globally:

npm install -g watchmo

To start, run:

watchmo --view

This should print to the terminal a logo and the project names 'default, demo'. If you want to run further tests, see the testing section below.

The easiest way to get familiar with this tool is to use our built in demo project, which gathers data from an open source GQL Database.

To visualize the configuration for this project, run

watchmo configure demo --view

This configuration will work as is, but feel free to reconfigure this however you would like. The

watchmo configure --help
command provides information on how to do this.

To begin gathering data, run:

watchmo watch demo

Let watchmo gather some data for a minute or two, then run

watchmo mo demo --open

and navigate to the demo project dashboard. Congratulations, you've successfully gathered and visualized GQL timing data!

Once you want to start your own project, run:

watchmo configure [project name]

If you get stuck, run

watchmo --help
watchmo command --help
To see what you can do.

Happy watching!


Watchmo comes pre-built with a testing suite to ensure everything is up and running correctly. Once you have installed watchmo, go ahead and run this testing suite with

watchmo test

If there are any problems, feel free to write up an issue.

Built With

  • React - The web framework used
  • Yargs - To build the CLI tools
  • Jest - To build a testing suite



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details

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