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A tool to quickly generate GraphQL schemas and resolvers from a relational database

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A developer tool to generate a GraphQL API from a known relational database.

What Is TorchQL?

TorchQL is an open-source tool to assist developers in the migration from REST APIs to GraphQL. It facilitates the task of exposing a GraphQL API over a relational database. In other words, you can use it to implement GraphQL in your application! Just visit our website here.

Our developer tool introspects an existing PostgreSQL or MySQL database and generates and returns GraphQL schema and resolvers. You can download these schema and resolvers to the desktop or let TorchQL assemble them in a lightweight zip package in the context of a real GraphQL API. After running your unzipped application, you can use GraphQL Playground, a built-in graphical interactive in-browser GraphQL IDE, to begin querying your database!

How It Works

TorchQL uses the metadata extracted from a SQL database to generate GraphQL custom types, queries, mutations, and resolvers. The schema and resolvers can be returned in either SDL or programmatic format and are downloadable as a single desktop file. For experienced users, TorchQL permits the custom editing of schemas and resolvers in the browser prior to download.

For a PostgreSQL database, enter your database address in the input box. For a MySQL database, enter your host, user, password, and database information. Then select either of the following formats for your GraphQL schema and resolvers:

  • As Schema Definition Language or SDL
  • As GraphQLSchema object or Programmatic

After entering your information, a new screen should appear displaying all your schema and resolvers properly formatted in a text editor.

    SDL Example                                                                                      Programmatic Example

Click on the Save Schema button to save your formatted schema and resolvers to the desktop.

Click on the Test Schema button to save your formatted schema and resolvers as a GraphQL server file in a folder on the desktop.

How to Test Your Schema and Resolvers:

  • Unzip package
  • Open directory
  • Install dependencies
npm install
  • Run application
npm start

Just follow the instructions in the console or enter localhost:3000/playground in your browser, and now you can begin querying your database!


TorchQL is currently in beta release. We welcome all contributions & pull requests!



This project is licensed under the MIT License

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