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:comet: :cloud: An All-in-One GUI for Cloud SQL that can help users design and test their AWS RDS Instances

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StratosDB: An all-in-one tool for Cloud SQL

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Beta Stage

Team StratosDB will strive to continuously release updates and additional features.

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    • Please report the bug/issue by submitting a ticket located in the Issues Tab within this repository


With the current trajectory of technological improvements, businesses and applications are moving towards a “serverless” architecture. With cloud computing becoming more reliable, it just makes more sense for businesses to take the “pay as you go and avoid upfront costs” approach.

Although cloud computing and serverless architecture has all these great qualities, not everything is rainbows and sunshine! Cloud services are still pretty new and user interfaces for these services are not very intuitive. Amazon’s AWS, itself, does not offer a platform that is intuitive for the users. The platform itself can be extremely confusing when using services such as AWS RDS. As such, third party applications are often used to alleviate these problems one at a time.

In response, our team decided that we wanted to tackle this issue by creating a tool that can be used for all AWS RDS database instances. We would like to introduce StratosDB, a one stop shop for users of AWS RDS to create, test, and deploy their RDS database instances! StratosDB offers a platform built on NodeJS that connects to your specific AWS RDS instance with a streamlined GUI that makes using AWS RDS much more simple and efficient.

Getting Started

  1. Clone StratosDB to your local machine and point to the StratosDB directory:

    git clone

    cd StratosDB

  2. Install all required dependencies with the following script:

    npm install
  3. Run the following script to open StratosDB on http://localhost:8080:

    npm run beta
  4. Once StratosDB is opened on http://localhost:8080, click on the Cloud Icon (located on the Left Sidebar) and enter your AWS RDS Information and press Connect:

    User: Database Username
    Host: AWS RDS Endpoint Link *
    Database: Database name **
    Password: Database Password

* Sourced from AWS RDS Database Instance Dashboard

** If Database name was left blank when the AWS RDS Datbase Instance was created, use postgres

Main Features

Importing .sql & .txt Files

  1. Click on the Import Icon (located on the Left Sidebar)
  2. Choose the .SQL or .TXT file you would like to import
  3. Select Import to populate your file's code base into the application's built-in code editor.

Schema Code Editor

Use the Schema Code Editor to input any psql command queries (EG. CREATE TABLE, INSERT INTO) to create/read tables and/or data entries from your tethered AWS RDS database

Query Text Editor

Enter your SELECT psql commands into the provided text editor and press Submit Query to initiate the performance analysis on your existing schema design


Return Table

A scrollable table will render based on the SELECT query you have entered in the Query Text Editor

Visual Line Graph

A visual line graph representation will render the performance time (milliseconds) for each successfully performed SELECT query **

** You can hover over each point in the line graph to view the query that was ran and its corresponding the performance time (ms)

Information Modal

A dedicated modal (located on the Left Sidebar) guides first time users through the application's features in detail and provides more information about StratosDB

Built With

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • CodeMirror
  • React-ChartJS
  • Node.JS
    • Express
    • Multer
    • PostgreSQL

Core Team


This project is licensed under the MIT License

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