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An Electron app for developers to visualize their Kubernetes clusters in real-time

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A visualization and deployment tool for your Kubernetes cluster

KuberOptic provides a tool that allows developers to visualize the structure of their clusters, including the nodes, pods, and containers. At each level of a cluster, KuberOptic gives you monitoring analytics that describe the health of your application. KuberOptic also allows you to deploy new clusters onto the cloud.

How to Use:

Local Deployment of Kubernetes

First we need a cluster to visualize. We could use minikube to set up a simple cluster. This api will automatically scan for whether a cluster is deployed locally and visualize it.

Kubernetes Documentation

Reading clusters from cloud services


First create a google developer account and start a project through GCP. Find your credentials on Google and then enter them with the corresponding time zone on the upload page. The credientials you get from Google should be in a JSON in the forn of GOOGLEAPPLICATIONCREDIENTIALS. Your deployed cluster through GCP will now be visualized in real time. Prequisites - Google Developer account - Create a project on GCP

Configuring GCP through command line

gcloud auth application-default login

Input Project credentials

Deployment (GCP)


Our API utilizes AWS-SDK's EKS(Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service). Simply go and create an AWS account to generate a secret ID and SecretKey for your IAM account. Enter the Secret ID and Key along with the cluster you want to inspect. As of now, you must specify the cluster name



Build project with Webpack

npm run prod
Run in production environment
npm start
Run tests with Jest
npm run test
Build package for mac OS*
npm run package-mac
Lint project
npm run lint

Coming Soon

Stretch Features - Deployment to Azure - Remodeled UI


Juan Espinoza Jacob Banks Jay Dawson Jimmy Deng



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