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.NET Workflow Designer Rehosting & Custom Activity Library Example

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.NET Rehosted Workflow Designer

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The solution contains:

WPF Desktop Application

  • Workflow Designer - Rehosting in a WPF Aplication
  • ToolboxControl - Loading Workflow Activities from Assemblies
  • Workflow Execution - retrieve real-time Execution Log (TrackData) and Execution Output(s)
  • Workflow Management - New / Open / Save / Run / Stop

Activity Library - Custom Activities

  • ShowMessageBox - displays in a MessageBox the Value of the InputData argument
  • GetGroupMembers - retrieves the Member Names and Count for a specified Meetup.Com Group
  • GetRSVPmembers - retrieves the Member Names and Count for a specified Meetup.Com Event

Demo Workflows


  • InArguments - VM & Service names
  • OutArguments - ActionPerformed
  • the workflow connects to Azure & changes the VM power state: if Powered On it will be power off, else powered on


  • InArguments - Status (default is "running")
  • the workflow retrieves the local windows services with the status defined by the inargument, writes the list to a file & opens it


  • InArguments - Service
  • OutArguments - Log
  • the state machine workflows monitors the state of the specified windows service; if the state changes, the user gets notified via SMS


  • InArguments - Meetup.COM REST API Key and RSVP (true / false)
  • If RSVP = false - the Workflow outputs a list with the Members of a Meetup.Com Group
  • If RSVP = true - the Workflow outputs a list with the Attending Members of a Meetup.Com Event


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