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Osmpbf is a Java/C library to read and write OpenStreetMap PBF files. PBF (Protocol buffer Binary Format) is a binary file format for OpenStreetMap data that uses Google Protocol Buffers as low-level storage.

For more information see .

Note that this is a low-level library that does only part of the encoding/decoding needed for actually writing/reading an OSM PBF file. For something more complete see libosmium.

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Java Version

Building with Maven

We publish the Java library to Maven Central:


To build the Java library run:

mvn package

For a Java usage example, see


Building with Ant

If you can not use Maven for some reason you can use the Ant instead:


This will build

in the main directory.

This build is also used for Debian packaging.

C++ Version

(Earlier versions used Makefiles for building. Please switch to the CMake-based build, the Makefiles are deprecated and will be removed in a future version.)

To compile:

mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..

To install:

make install

There is a tool named osmpbf-outline that shows a debug output of the contents of a PBF file. To run it:

tools/osmpbf-outline osm-file.osm.pbf

Using the C++ Library

To include in your program use:


and link with:

-pthread -lz -lprotobuf -losmpbf


The .proto definition files and osmpbf.h are licensed under the MIT license. The other source code is licensed under the LGPL v3+.

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