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a pythonic generic language server

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pygls (pronounced like "pie glass") is a pythonic generic implementation of the Language Server Protocol for use as a foundation for writing language servers using Python (e.g. Python, XML, etc.). It allows you to write your own language server in just a few lines of code.

Quick Intro


In order to support type-checking, we added

library which requires passing keyword arguments when creating LSP models.

Here's how to create a server and register a code completion feature:

from pygls.capabilities import COMPLETION
from pygls.server import LanguageServer
from pygls.lsp import CompletionItem, CompletionList, CompletionOptions, CompletionParams

server = LanguageServer()

@server.feature(COMPLETION, CompletionOptions(trigger_characters=[','])) def completions(params: CompletionParams): """Returns completion items.""" return CompletionList( is_incomplete=False, items=[ CompletionItem(label='"'), CompletionItem(label='['), CompletionItem(label=']'), CompletionItem(label='{'), CompletionItem(label='}'), ] )

server.start_tcp('', 8080)

Show completion list on the client:


Docs and Tutorial

The full documentation and a tutorial is available at

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Your contributions to pygls are welcome! Please review the Contributing and [Code of Conduct]( documents for how to get started.


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