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Native (Swift) version of Open Food Facts for iOS. Coders & Decoders welcome 🤳🥫 😊

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What is Open Food Facts? What can I work on ?

Open Food Facts is a food products database made by everyone, for everyone. Open Food Facts on iPhone and iPad has 0,5M users and 1,6M products. Each contribution you make will have a large impact on food transparency worldwide. Finding the right issue or feature will help you have even more more impact. Feel free to ask for feedback on the #android channel before you start work, and to document what you intend to code.

Features you can work on

Join the team !

OpenFoodFacts has a Slack chat room where we discuss and support each other, join the #iOS and #iOS-alerts channels.

Current features

  • [x] Barcode scanning (including a simple offline mode)
  • [x] NOVA, Nutri-Score and Eco-Score display (including in grey if we don't have them yet for the product)
  • [x] Ingredient analysis with a simple way to get it if not available
  • [x] Product page (needs revamping)
  • [x] Search for products based on name
  • [x] Allergen alerts (would need to be more discoverable)
  • [x] Internationalised user interface & multilingual products handling (view & data addition)
  • [x] Product addition & editing (incl. on-the-fly OCR of ingredients and labels, plus integration of the OFF AI)
  • [x] Image upload
  • [x] Night mode


Here are issues and feature requests you can work on:

Search issues

Scan issues

History issues

Product editing issues

Refactoring issues

Onboarding new users

Viewing products


Quick & automatic setup

The easiest way to setup the dependencies of the project and generate the Xcode project is to run

sh scripts/
from the top of the repository, before opening the project in Xcode.

Dependency Management - Carthage

We currently use Carthage for dependency management. New to Carthage? Others have found the following resources helpful: * Ray Wenderlich's Carthage Tutorial * Chris Mendez's Carthage cheat sheet

Before opening the project in Xcode, run

brew install carthage
carthage bootstrap --platform iOS --cache-builds

To generate the Xcode project run

sh scripts/
. In order to generate the Xcode project we use XcodeGen.


See the fastlane/ for a list and description of all lanes.

To launch a lane, you must have several env variable set. This can be done by creating a

file in the
folder, and fill it (see

You can install Fastlane with Homebrew:

brew cask install fastlane

Generating screenshots

fastlane snapshot 
Roadmap on automatic screenshot generation:
  • [ ] Create a GitHub Action to run screenshot generation and upload the output to the OFF server (or somewhere else)
  • [ ] fixing the Scan screenshot generation, and adding a way to set the background of the barcode scanner with an arbitrary image, per country
  • [ ] fixing History screenshot population with products
  • [ ] Adding the proposed fix to clean the top bar with 100% battery, and a fixed time
  • [ ] Adding
    fastlane frameit
    to the Fastlane file, so that we can get versions wrapped in physical devices
  • [ ] fixing Chinese screenshot generation
  • [ ] Ensure we can generate for 1 of (iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR), 1 of (iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus), 1 of (3rd generation iPad Pro)
  • [ ] Extra: For debugging purposes, it would be great to have other screen resolutions (iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone X, iPhone XS) (iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 7, iPhone 8) (iPhone SE) (iPhone 4s)


Style and conventions - SwiftLint

A script runs when building the app that executes SwiftLint to enforce style & conventions to the code.

You can install SwiftLint with Homebrew:

brew install swiftlint

Error reporting - Sentry

Track crashes


You can help translate Open Food Facts (no technical knowledge required, takes a minute to signup).

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