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The OpenTelemetry .NET Client

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OpenTelemetry .NET

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The .NET OpenTelemetry client.

Supported .NET Versions

Packages shipped from this repository generally support all the officially supported versions of .NET Core, and .NET Framework except for

.NET Framework 3.5 SP1
. Any exceptions to this are noted in the individual

Getting Started

If you are new here, please see get started in 5 minutes.

This repository includes multiple installable components, available on NuGet. Each component has its individual

file, which covers the instruction on how to install and how to get started. To find all the available components, please take a look at the

Here are the most commonly used components:

Here are the instrumentation libraries:

Here are the exporter libraries:

See the OpenTelemetry registry for more exporters.


OpenTelemetry .NET is designed to be customizable and extensible. Here are the most common customization and extension scenarios:



We meet weekly on Tuesdays, and the time of the meeting alternates between 11AM PT and 4PM PT. The meeting is subject to change depending on contributors' availability. Check the OpenTelemetry community calendar for specific dates.

Meetings take place via Zoom video conference.

Meeting notes are available as a public Google doc. For edit access, get in touch on Gitter.

Approvers (@open-telemetry/dotnet-approvers):

Find more about the approver role in community repository.

Maintainers (@open-telemetry/dotnet-maintainers):

Find more about the maintainer role in community repository.

Thanks to all the people who have contributed


Release Schedule

OpenTelemetry .NET is under active development.

The library is not yet generally available, and releases aren't guaranteed to conform to a specific version of the specification. Future releases will not attempt to maintain backwards compatibility with previous releases. Each alpha and beta release includes significant changes to the API and SDK packages, making them incompatible with each other.

See the release notes for existing releases.

See the project milestones for details on upcoming releases. The dates and features described in issues and milestones are estimates, and subject to change.

Daily builds from this repo are published to MyGet, and can be installed from this source.

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