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:bear: Simple Examples on using Vuex to build Real World Apps

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Vuex Examples

This project aims to touch various aspects of Vuex while building several projects.



Browse through each project by going through the folders as listed below.

  • Starter Files: Where it all begins
  • Auth: An Auth example with Vuex
  • Counter: A simple counter implementation with Vuex
  • Firestore: A Simple FireStore implementation with Vuex
  • Gallery: An Image Gallery implementation with Vuex
  • Simple Todo: A Simple Todo implementation with Vuex
  • Shopping Cart: A Shopping Cart implementation with Vuex
  • Todo: A better todo app implementation with Vuex
  • Make request

Getting Started

  • Clone the Repo:
    git clone

Running each project

# install dependencies
npm --prefix  install 

serve with hot reload at localhost:8080

npm --prefix run dev

build for production with minification

npm --prefix run build

Example: To run the auth project

npm --prefix auth install
npm --prefix auth run dev
npm --prefix auth run build

Happy Coding!



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