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Cantas is a real-time collaborative web application. Official repository

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Cantas is a real-time collaborative Web application built upon Node.js and Socket.IO.

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Getting started

Demo Site - Deployed on OpenShift

Login with your Google account.

Deploy to OpenShift.

rhc domain create 
rhc app create cantas nodejs-0.10 -s
cd cantas/
rhc cartridge add mongodb-2.4 -a cantas
rhc cartridge add "" -a cantas
git remote add upstream -m master [email protected]:onepiecejs/nodejs-cantas.git
git pull -s recursive -X theirs upstream master
git push
rhc env set NODE_ENV=production -a cantas
# Caution: please input your variabes in .openshift/lib/init_settings
rhc app restart -a cantas

Note: Openshift instructions need updating Please update your settings value in .openshift/lib/init_settings before push to Openshift Online service.

Setup development environment with one-click.

Installing Vagrant with your package manager,

sudo yum install vagrant

Then run the up command in the root of the project's directory,

vagrant up

Note: If you are on Fedora 22, you will need to install the "libvirt" lib's to run Vagrant from the "vagrantfile" supplied in the root of the Cantas app directory.

dnf install libvirt vagrant-libvirt

Setup development environment manually.

  • install Nodejs, npm, MongoDB, Redis.

    # nodejs & npm
    tar -xvf node-v0.10.22.tar.gz
    cd node-v0.10.22
    ./configure && make
    sudo make install


    sudo yum install mongodb mongodb-server


    sudo yum install redis

    #Fedora 22 dnf install nodejs

    #Ubuntu 14+ (Only tested against 14) sudo apt-get install nodejs build-essential

    #Red Hat 6+ and Centos 6+ yum install epel-release yum install nodejs

    #Run Cantas on a MAC MAC OSX Dev Install

    #NPM NPM should be installed as part of the nodejs packages for Fedora, Red Hat, Centos and Ubuntu.

Note: If you got

g++: command not found
while installing nodejs, you can install it by
sudo yum install gcc-c++
  • Kerberos requirements:

Note: If you plan to use Kerberos authentication install the relevant kerberos libraries for your distro.

sudo yum install -y krb5-devel krb5-libs krb5-workstation
  • checkout cantas source code and update node packages via npm

    git clone [email protected]:onepiecejs/nodejs-cantas.git
    cd nodejs-cantas
    npm install
  • start redis server and mongodb server

    # if you have installed them as services, do
    sudo systemctl start redis
    sudo systemctl start mongod
    # or
    sudo service redis start
    sudo service mongod start
    # otherwise,
    redis-server &
    && mongod --dbpath=/tmp &
  • start the app

    # update 'settings.json' file
    cp settings.json.example settings.json

    setup initalize data

    node scripts/migrations/initLabelMetadata.js

    start the app

    NODE_ENV=development node app.js

  • for development convenience the following steps will make logging in easy while you are developing


    and change
    , then add a user. If
    doesn't work try
    as the
    strategy and then add a user.
    node scripts/addUser.js cantas cantas

Note: Make sure the

deamon is running before starting the app. To enable Google signin you will need to create a Client ID in the Google Developer Console.

That's it. Open your browser at

and log into Cantas.


Integration && Test Environment


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