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My competitive programming guide,reading materials, link to system and design interview preparation and my own coding solutions from Codechef, Leetcode,Geeks for Geeks, HackerRank , spoj, codesignal, codebyte, codeblocks and other online judges

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Index of content

  1. Structure of the repository
  2. Platforms for Training
  3. When contribute
  4. How to contribute
  5. Connect with me

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Structure of the Repository

|Folder|Content| |-------|:------:| |Lectures|Notes about Algorithm And Data Structures| |System Design|System design interview preparation| |Readings|Free e-books about Competitive Programming| |Geeks For Geeks|Geeks For GfG coding solutions| |HackerRank|My own HackerRank coding solutions| |Codingblock|My own Codingblock coding solutions| |CoodeSignall|My own CodeSignal Solutions| |CodeChef | My own Codechef coding solutions| |UVA|My own UVA Online Judge solutions | |InterviewBit|My Interview Bit solutions | |Leetcode|My Leetcode solutions | |learndatastructures| Warm App coding examples to learn Data Structures|

Best Platforms for training

Hackerrank InterViewBit GeeksForGeeks LeetCode Codingblocs Codechef CodeForces

How to contribute

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Do the desired changes (add/delete/modify)
  3. Make a pull request

When contribute

  1. If there is no solution to a problem in the main branch.
  2. If your solution is asymptotically faster than the one in the main branch.
  3. If your algorithm is of the same time complexity but with reduced code size. In this case, comment out the original solution and make a pull request with your solution.
  4. If you have another method of solving the problem which is asymptotically slower than the original method then, comment your solution in the main file and make a pull request.
  5. If you would like to make any positive change to the lectures content

I appreciate any feedback

Constructive criticisms or code reviews of any kind are very much welcome.

If you have any questions about the solutions you can find here, feel free to contact me at: [email protected]

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