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ggseqlogo logo

ggseqlogo is an R package for generating publication-ready sequence logos using ggplot2.

Getting started

First install

from github using the

Load up the package and sample data

# Load the required packages

Some sample data


Then draw a sequence logo

# Plot DNA sequence logo for transcription factor - data from JASPAR
ggseqlogo( seqs_dna$MA0001.1 )

Plot protein sequence logo for kinase target phosphosites

ggseqlogo( seqs_aa$AKT1 )

For more examples, and a list of features see the full tutorial here.


A detailed tutorial on how to use ggseqlogo can be found here.


If you use ggseqlogo, please cite:

Wagih, Omar. ggseqlogo: a versatile R package for drawing sequence logos. Bioinformatics 33, no. 22 (2017): 3645-3647. PMID: 29036507


If you have any feedback or suggestions, drop me a line at (omarwagih(at) or open an issue on github.

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