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A React component for swipeable views. :snowflake:

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A React component for swipeable views.

| Package | Version | Download | Size (kB gzipped) | |---------|:--------|:---------|:------------------| | react-swipeable-views | npm version | npm downloads | 5.08 | | react-swipeable-views-utils | npm version | npm downloads | 3.52 | | react-swipeable-views-native | npm version | npm downloads | ? |

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Get started



npm install --save react-swipeable-views

Native (experimental)

npm install --save react-swipeable-views-native

The problem solved

Check out the demos from a mobile device (real or emulated). It's tiny (<10 kB gzipped), it quickly renders the first slide, then lazy-loads the others.

Simple example



import React from 'react';
import SwipeableViews from 'react-swipeable-views';

const styles = { slide: { padding: 15, minHeight: 100, color: '#fff', }, slide1: { background: '#FEA900', }, slide2: { background: '#B3DC4A', }, slide3: { background: '#6AC0FF', }, };

const MyComponent = () => (

slide n°1
slide n°2
slide n°3

export default MyComponent;

Native (experimental)

react-native support is experimental and I have no plan pushing it forward. I start to think that lower level abstraction to share the implementation between the platforms are more appropriate. We have two different implementations of the react-swipeable-views API.

import React from 'react';
import {
} from 'react-native';

import SwipeableViews from 'react-swipeable-views-native'; // There is another version using the scroll component instead of animated. // I'm unsure which one give the best UX. Please give us some feedback. // import SwipeableViews from 'react-swipeable-views-native/lib/SwipeableViews.scroll';

const styles = StyleSheet.create({ slideContainer: { height: 100, }, slide: { padding: 15, height: 100, }, slide1: { backgroundColor: '#FEA900', }, slide2: { backgroundColor: '#B3DC4A', }, slide3: { backgroundColor: '#6AC0FF', }, text: { color: '#fff', fontSize: 16, }, });

const MyComponent = () => ( slide n°1 slide n°2 slide n°3 );

export default MyComponent;

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This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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