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Text Renderer

Generate text images for training deep learning OCR model (e.g. CRNN). example

  • [x] Modular design. You can easily add Corpus, Effect, Layout.
  • [x] Support generate
    dataset which compatible with PaddleOCR, see Dataset
  • [x] Support render multi corpus on image with different font, font size or font color. Layout is responsible for the layout between multiple corpora
  • [ ] Generate vertical text
  • [ ] Corpus sampler: helpful to perform character balance

Quick Start

To use text_renderer, you should prepare:

  • Font file:
  • Background image
  • Text: Optional. Depends on the corpus you use.
  • Character set: Optional. Depends on the corpus you use.

Run following command to generate image using example data:

git clone
cd text_renderer
python3 develop
pip3 install -r docker/requirements.txt
python3 \
    --config example_data/ \
    --dataset img \
    --num_processes 2 \
    --log_period 10

The data is generated in the

script only has 4 arguments: - config:Python config file path - dataset: Dataset format
- numprocesses: Number of processes used - logperiod: Period of log printing. (0, 100)

All parameters related to the example image generation process are all configured in

Learn more at documentation

Run in Docker

Build image

docker build -f docker/Dockerfile -t text_renderer .

Config file is provided by

environment. In
file, data is generated in
directory, so we map this directory to the host.
docker run --rm \
-v `pwd`/example_data/docker_output/:/app/example_data/output \
--env CONFIG=/app/example_data/ \
--env DATASET=img \
--env LOG_PERIOD=10 \

Build docs

cd docs
make html



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