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code for algorithmic animation, a course I've taught at MFADT / SFPC / APAP Korea

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welcome to algo 2012, home for code from the algo class.

this folder is designed to go at the root level of an OF 0.071 installation -- because of how it's organized. I may change this down the line, once the project generator is released (allowing more easily to put code in different heights in the OF directory), but it allows us to keep the code week specific and cleaner.

you should see:

  • libs
  • apps
  • examples
  • algo2012
  • scripts


please note: while the code for this class is essentially open source ( and invite you to go to town and use it in any manner of ways, I would greatly appreciate it if people would ask me first before teaching a course with this code extensively and/or avoid re-posting it on repos without attribution.

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