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The Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) allows for a scalable, automated roaming setup between Charge Point Operators and e-Mobility Service Providers. It supports authorisation, charge point information exchange (incl transaction events), charge detail record exchange and finally, the exchange of smart-charging commands between parties.

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This repository contains the OCPI specification, latest release:

OCPI 2.2-d2

The branch with the latest fixes to the 2.2 documentation is


The branch with the latest fixes to the 2.1.1-d2 documentation is



branch always contains the latest official release.

Development of the next version of OCPI, new functionality, is done in the



Current versions:

Release 2.2-d2:

  • Support for Hubs
    • Message routing headers
    • Hub Client Info
  • Support Platforms with multiple/different roles, additional roles
  • Charging Profiles
  • based Smart Charging
  • Improvements:
    • CDRs: Credit CDRs, VAT, Calibration law/Eichrecht support, Session_id, AuthorizationReference, CdrLocation, CdrToken
    • Sessions: VAT, CdrToken, How to add a Charging Period
    • Tariffs: Tariff types, Min/Max price, reservation tariff, Much more examples
    • Locations: Multiple Tariffs, Lost of small improvements
    • Tokens: Group_id, energy contract
    • Commands: Cancel Reservation added
  • fixes some bugs of 2.1.1

Release 2.1.1-d2:

  • Improvements from rel. 2.0
  • Chargepoint commands
  • realtime authorization
  • fixes some bugs of 2.1 (2.1 is now deprecated)

Release 2.0:

  • Charge Point Exchange Static & Dynamic (with tariffing covering only start/kWh/time)
  • Authorization & token data exchange
  • Tariffing
  • Session Info exchange (cdr & ndr)
  • Registration (How to connect) & Security

Planned releases:

Release 3.0:

  • ISO 15118 Plug&Charge
  • Eichrecht support
  • Performance improvements

Building Process:

The OCPI Build Process has been improved. OCPI 2.0/2.1.1 was in markdown format, and diagrams where Plantuml.

For OCPI 2.2, the text of OCPI has been converted to asciidoc. Asciidoc is easier to format the output, and chapter numbering and internal links are much easier to work with.

The Plantuml is no longer converted to PNG images, but the SVG, making them much better readable, and even searchable in the PDF.

In OCPI 2.0 and 2.1.1, the JSON examples contained a lot of mistakes, where outdated compared to the text, or not even valid JSON. To prevent issues with the examples in the specification, the examples are not placed in separate JSON files. At the moment, the JSON files are check if they are valid JSON.

1 Dec 2014 Draft v4 is published 17 June 2015 [Draft v5] is moved to a new branch that will be used as a reference as the OCPI specifications are being redefined and the specifications are restructured in different files, a file per chapter

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