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LuLu is the free macOS firewall

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LuLu is the free macOS firewall:

Documentation: \ Full details and usage instructions can be found here.

To Build: \ LuLu should build cleanly in Xcode (though you will have to remove code signing constraints, or replace with your own Apple developer/kernel code signing certificate).

To Install: \ Simply run the installer application:


To Support: \ ❤  Love this product or want to support it? Please check out my patreon page :)

Mahalo! \ This product is supported by the following "Friends of Objective-See":

Digita Security


CleanMyMac X



Guardian Mobile Firewall


This product is supported by the following patrons: + Halo Privacy + Ash Morgan

  • Nando Mendonca
  • Khalil Sehnaoui
  • Jeff Golden
  • Geoffrey Weber

  • Ming

  • Peter Sinclair

  • trifero

  • Keelian Wardle

  • Chad Collins

  • Shain Singh

  • David Sulpy

  • Martin OConnell

  • Bill Smartt

  • Mike Windham

  • Brent Joyce

  • Russell Imrie

  • Michael Thomas

  • Andy One

  • Edmund Harriss

  • Brad Knowles

  • Tom Smith

  • Chuck Talk

  • Derivative Fool

  • Joaquim Espinhara

  • Rudolf Coetzee

  • Chris Ferebee

  • Les Aker

  • Allen Hancock

  • Stuart Ashenbrenner

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