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This project contains some interesting image processing algorithms that were wrote in python and c++ from scratch.

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image processing from scratch

what is this?

This repository contains many interesting image processing algorithms that are written from scratch. Read these codes will allow you to have a comprehensive understanding of the principles of these algorithms. I also have video tutorials for these algorithms here. Go check out if you know Chinese :-)

All codes were wrote in python3.7 or c++
moudles you may need:
python: - numpy for matix calculation
- matplotlib for reading and showing images
- opencv2 for some image operations

- opencv2

you can always run a python script just by


for c++, you need to compile first

cd build

cmake ..


when it's done, you are ready to run the executable file by


Just make sure you have the images in the right path, and you might wanna modify the code a bit to process another image.
Have fun!


  • canny edge detection
    It is an algorithm that extracts edges of an image.

  • hough transform
    It is an algorithm that can theoratically detects shapes that you can write formulas for it.

  • harris corner detection
    This algorithm detects corners.

  • fast fourier transform
    2-D fourier transform for images using fft.

  • sift
    Scale-invariant feature transform, a well-known technique to extract feature points for image matching.

  • KNN
    Using balanced K-D tree to find k nearest neighbors of K-dimension points.

    Do PCA and SVD using jacobi rotation.(which is accurate but slow)

  • Ransac
    Stitch different images together after knowing the sift keypoint pairs.

  • watershed
    watershed segmentation algorithm.

  • meanshift
    meanshift segmentation algorithm.

  • generalized hough transform
    template match of images, detects a given template in an query image. The vote space is implemented with a sparse vector to support big images.

  • closed-form image matting
    a classic image matting algorithm proposed in A Closed-Form Solution to Natural Image Matting

  • a lot to be continued...

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