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NumPy aware dynamic Python compiler using LLVM

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A Just-In-Time Compiler for Numerical Functions in Python

Numba is an open source, NumPy-aware optimizing compiler for Python sponsored by Anaconda, Inc. It uses the LLVM compiler project to generate machine code from Python syntax.

Numba can compile a large subset of numerically-focused Python, including many NumPy functions. Additionally, Numba has support for automatic parallelization of loops, generation of GPU-accelerated code, and creation of ufuncs and C callbacks.

For more information about Numba, see the Numba homepage:

Supported Platforms

  • Operating systems and CPU:

    • Linux: x86 (32-bit), x86_64, ppc64le (POWER8 and 9), ARMv7 (32-bit), ARMv8 (64-bit)
    • Windows: x86, x86_64
    • macOS: x86_64
  • (Optional) Accelerators and GPUs:

    • NVIDIA GPUs (Kepler architecture or later) via CUDA driver on Linux, Windows, macOS (< 10.14)
    • AMD GPUs via ROCm driver on Linux


  • Python versions: 3.6-3.8
  • llvmlite 0.33.*
  • NumPy >=1.15 (can build with 1.11 for ABI compatibility)


  • Scipy >=1.0.0 (for


The easiest way to install Numba and get updates is by using the Anaconda Distribution:


$ conda install numba

For more options, see the Installation Guide:


Mailing Lists

Join the Numba mailing list [email protected]:

Some old archives are at:

Continuous Integration

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