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Open Source Deep Packet Inspection Software Toolkit

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What is nDPI ?

nDPI® is an open source LGPLv3 library for deep-packet inspection. Based on OpenDPI it includes ntop extensions. We have tried to push them into the OpenDPI source tree but nobody answered emails so we have decided to create our own source tree

How To Compile nDPI

In order to compile this library do

  • ./
  • ./configure
  • make

To run tests do additionally:

  • cd tests; ./

Please note that the pre-requisites for compilation include: - GNU tools (autogen, automake, autoconf, libtool) - GNU C compiler (gcc)

On Debian/Ubuntu systems do: - sudo apt-get install build-essential git bison flex libpcap-dev libtool libtool-bin autoconf pkg-config automake autogen libjson-c-dev libnuma-dev libgcrypt20-dev libpcre2-dev

FreeBSD - sudo pkg install gcc git autoconf automake libtool devel/pkgconf json-c gmake

Remember to use gmake and not make on FreeBSD

How To Add A New Protocol Dissector

The entire procedure of adding new protocols in detail:

  1. Add new protocol together with its unique ID to: src/include/ndpiprotocolids.h
  2. Create a new protocol in: src/lib/protocols/
  3. Variables to be kept for the duration of the entire flow (as state variables) need to be placed in: src/include/ndpitypedefs.h in ndpiflowtcpstruct (for TCP only), ndpiflowudpstruct (for UDP only), or ndpiflow_struct (for both).
  4. Add a new entry for the search function for the new protocol in: src/include/ndpi_protocols.h
  5. Choose (do not change anything) a selection bitmask from: src/include/ndpi_define.h
  6. Add a new entry in ndpisetprotocoldetectionbitmask2 in: src/lib/ndpi_main.c
  7. Set protocol default ports in ndpiinitprotocoldefaults in: src/lib/ndpimain.c
  8. ./
  9. make
  10. make check

How to use nDPI to Block Selected Traffic

You can use nDPI to selectively block selected Internet traffic by embedding it onto an application (remember that nDPI is just a library). Both ntopng and nProbe cento can do this.

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While we do our best to detect network protocols, we cannot guarantee that our software is error free and 100% accurate in protocol detection. Please make sure that you respect the privacy of users and you have proper authorization to listen, capture and inspect network traffic.

nDPI is a registered trademark in the US and EU.

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