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Require the reader to pass a quiz before being able to comment on an article

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NRKbeta Know2Comment

Require the user to pass a quiz about the story before being able to comment.

This plugin disables the comment form until a user has passed a quiz about the story he's about to comment on.

The plugin is made for Wordpress, but the JavaScript component can easily be implemented into other CMS systems as well.


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Rename the downloaded folder from
  3. Upload it to your plugins-folder
  4. Enable the plugin in your wordpress backend
  5. Fill out the quiz questions and answers in the post admin interface
  6. Start using it!

Usage (outside of Wordpress)

If you're using a different content management system, you can still use the JavaScript component to enable this functionality on your site.

The component requires a

right before the container which holds your comment form. The
has two data-attributes:
. The
also needs the class

is a string with the error message in case the user has answered the quiz wrongfully.
is an array with the following structure:
    text: 'Who is the current president of the United States?'
    answers: ['Barack Obama', 'Donald Trump', 'Steve Bannon'],
    correct: 2
  }, {
    text: 'What is the radius of Earth?'
    answers: ['6 371 kilometers', '371 kilometers', '200 kilometers'],
    correct: 0

Here's a full example of the implementation:

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