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Public roadmap for npm

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npm public roadmap

Current Status: Public Beta

In this repository, you can find the official npm public product roadmap. Our product roadmap is where you can learn about what features we're working on, what stage they're in, and when we expect to bring them to you. This roadmap covers every part of npm including the cli, documentation, the registry, and the website.

Issues will be created for features and work items we are tracking on our roadmap. Issues are read-only and locked on creation. Our roadmap is heavily influenced by discussions with our community that take place in our public feedback repository.

This roadmap is heavily influenced by the official GitHub public product roadmap. Thank you to the team who worked on that for paving the path!

Guide to the roadmap

Every item on the roadmap is an issue, with a label that indicates each of the following:

  • A release phase that describes the next expected phase of the roadmap item. See below for a guide to release phases.
  • A feature area that indicates the area of the product to which the item belongs. For a list of current product areas, see below.

Release phases

Every product or feature goes through a set of release phases, from early testing to general availability.

  • alpha: Primarily for testing and feedback Limited availability, requires pre-release agreement. Features still under heavy development, and subject to change. Not for production use, and no documentation, SLAs or support provided.
  • beta: Publicly available in full or limited capacity Features mostly complete and documented. Timeline and requirements for GA usually published. No SLAs or support provided.
  • ga: Generally available to all customers Ready for production use with associated SLA and technical support obligations.

Some of our features may still be in the exploratory stages, and have no timeframe available. These are included in the roadmap only for early feedback. These are marked as follows:

  • in design: Feature in discovery phase. We have decided to build this feature, but are still figuring out how.
  • exploring: Feature under consideration. We are considering building this feature, and gathering feedback on it.

Roadmap stages

The roadmap is arranged on a project board to give a sense for how far out each item is on the horizon. Every product or feature is added to a particular project board column according to the quarter in which it is expected to ship next. Be sure to read the disclaimer below since the roadmap is subject to change, especially further out on the timeline. You'll also find an Future column, which is used in conjunction with the in design and exploring release phase labels for when no timeframe is yet available.

Feature Areas

The following is a list of our current product areas:

  • cli: The npm command line utility
  • documentation: The npm documentation
  • meta: The npm process
  • registry: The npm registry
  • website: The npm website


Any statement in this repository that is not purely historical is considered a forward-looking statement. Forward-looking statements included in this repository are based on information available to GitHub as of the date they are made, and GitHub assumes no obligation to update any forward-looking statements. The forward-looking product roadmap does not represent a commitment, guarantee, obligation or promise to deliver any product or feature, or to deliver any product and feature by any particular date, and is intended to outline the general development plans. Customers should not rely on this roadmap to make any purchasing decision.

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